Advanced Web Testing

Web Automation / Web Monitoring

AWT is a service (SaaS) for website testing, automation and functional monitoring by user-defined web browser actions.

Create test. Test comprises of browser actions. The browser action may be as "open site", "click the link", "enter the value into the input", etc.

Run the test. The test will be executed server-side on a chosen web browser. For visual browser actions the screenshots will be taken.

Set up a schedule and email reports. The test will be periodically executed on a schedule, results will be sent by email.

Use Cases

Web site development. Auto-testing. Check if elements are present on the page and nothing is lost.

UI functional/regression testing & monitoring.

Cross-browser validation. Mobile & Desktop.

Browser automation. Data mining/extraction. Check site ranking. Check the AD is still on the board. Check market prices.

Website functional monitoring. Periodic tests with notifications.


  • Auto-testing + Scheduling + Notifications = Monitoring
  • Variables (variable substitution in Browser Action parameters)
  • Screenshots
  • Proxies
  • XPath Browser/Composer/Optimizer

Supported Browser Actions

  • Set Proxy
  • Open URL
  • Check an element exists
  • Enter value into an input
  • Click
  • Set value into arbitrary element attribute or text (Modify XPath)
  • Check browser URL (Match URL)
  • Check browser Title (Match Title)
  • Save XPath/URL/Title into variable, apply RegExp to variable
  • Request any other Browser Action and we implement it in 2 days

Hosted Web Browsers

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome / Chromium / Mobile Emulation
  • Internet Explorer 8.x, MSIE 11.x
  • PhantomJS
  • Opera 12.x (Presto)
  • Request a particular browser version and we set it up

Supported Notifications

  • Email
  • XMPP/Jabber (beta)
  • SMS/Text (beta)


100 Browser Actions = $1 USD
200 Browser Actions - signup bonus
A single test may contain several browser actions.